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Ontological On-Line Service Processing for Integrating Financial Data


Chi-Chun Lo, Ding-Yuan Cheng


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 110-117


Due to extensive employment of web services on the Internet, issues on intelligent management and selection of web services have attracted more and more attention. The complicated business process in an enterprise can be automated via the composition of a collection of web services. However, the web services to be composited and the sequence of these web services are pre-defined. This makes the applications of the web service in automation of business processes somehow limited. The aim of this study is to propose an On-Line Service Processing (OLSP) framework which can invoke web service dynamically according to the service content and the expert rules. The proposed OLSP framework combines service-component design and heterogeneous data source integration features. Without modifying and rewriting extra program code, the component-based modeling can achieve the latest and diversity information on-line in an open service architecture. By means of the Service Component Architecture (SCA), a model which conforms with the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a web service system is developed to demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed framework. Finally, a case study of the financial health of enterprise is provided to illustrate how the proposed system operates.


Service Component Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, On-Line Service Processing