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A compact lens-less optical image encoding system using diffraction grating


A.S. Samra, S.S. Kishk, S.S. Elnaggar


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 141-145


A method for a compact lens-less image encoding system using diffraction grating and random phase masks is presented. Lens-less double phase encoding is implemented using diffraction grating. The Beam Propagation Method (BPM) is used to analyze optical waveguide grating. The phase keys functions and grating parameters are the encryption keys. Simulation results are presented in support of the proposed idea. Results are compared to the conventional Double random phase encoding (DRPE) method. The robustness and performance of the proposed technique is analyzed using the mean-square-error (MSE)


Data processing by optical means, Diffraction gratings, Optical security and encryption