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Multimedia Network Simulation with a Fluid Flow Model


Priscila Sol?s Barreto, Tiago Flor Bento, Paulo H. P. de Carvalho


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 161-167


This work presents the modeling and design of a multimedia network simulation tool based on the fluid flow model. The tool uses continuous fluid flows instead of individual packets for network simulation and proposes their use to model multimedia network traffic. The main goal of the simulation using this approach is to produce a fewer number of events to reduce computational costs for large and complex networks simulations. Several simulations were executed with the proposed tool and the results show that the performance and quality of service values are similar to the ones obtained in the packet event based simulations. This shows that the proposed tool may be useful in the simulation of large and complex networks with multimedia traffic.


fluid model, multimedia, network simulation, traffic