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Next Generation Network Design, Dimensioning & Services Innovation


Ahmad A.Almughaless, Ali M.Alsaih


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 191-198


Telecommunication Next Generation Network NGN is a converged network aims to provide a multitude of services over a single integrated network infrastructure, rather than multiple separated and overlay networks, as have existed for decades. NGN designing have brought unique challenges in how to design and dimensioning the NGN to meet the uncertain market demands of the new bandwidth hungry services with a minimum cost. Building any NGN telecom network should pass through the three main phases, Network Planning, Designing, and Network Innovation with the new value added services VAS. This paper will present a precisely method based on mathematics criteria to calculate the essential resources and equipments needed for NGN deployment in its’ three different phases. This method aims to reduce the capital expenditure (CAPEX) by determining the optimal quantities of the equipments that meet the highly required grade of services. Innovating the network with a high usability new NGN VAS services is very important phase of the network that enrich the life with the introduced services, attract and increase the subscriber’s loyalty and the ARPU. This paper presents the items that directly or indirectly affects the successfulness of the introduced services .Final the calculation of the needed resources to migrate Yemen Telecom (YT) network to NGN and introducing new services will be also presented as a case study.


Bandwidth, NGN Design, Traffic, Service Innovation