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Local Binary Patterns as Texture Descriptors for User Attitude Recognition


Mohamed Eisa, A. ElGamal, R. Ghoneim, A. Bahey


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 222-229


Texture plays an important role in numerous computer vision applications. Many methods for describing and analyzing of textured surfaces have been proposed. Variations in the appearance of texture caused by changing illumination and imaging conditions, for example, set high requirements on different analysis methods. In addition, real-world applications tend to produce a great deal of complex texture data to be processed that should be handled effectively in order to be exploited. A local binary pattern (LBP) operator offers an efficient way of analyzing textures. It has a simple theory and combines properties of structural and statistical texture analysis methods. LBP is invariant against monotonic gray-scale variations and has also extensions to rotation invariant texture analysis. Analysis of real-world texture data is typically very laborious and time consuming. Often there is no ground truth or other prior knowledge of the data available, and important properties of the textures must be learned from the images. This is a very challenging task in texture analysis.


Texture descriptors, image analysis, local binary pattern, image matching, content based image retrieval, user attitude