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Evaluation System in Technical Institutes of India: A Benchmark


Seema Shah


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 236-242


The examination, evaluation and achievements through grades or marks are important aspects of any learner. The present contribution has taken a holistic view of evaluation in Indian Institutions through a case study method of two premier technical institutions of the country. The evaluation system starts since birth of the child and continues whole life with varied parameters and nature of evaluators. The students before taking admission measure the credentials and overall performance of the institutes. However, this is very relative and depends on self evaluations of the individual. After becoming a student their performance is evaluated by faculty members and other system existing in a particular institute of higher learning. When pass out students their evaluation is conducted by third party i.e. the employer. Through case study method the opinion of the students and faculty members were sought for the two technical institutes named as H1 & H2. The first one having multifaculty academic programmes was established in 20th century whereas H2 was established in 21st century. The comparative studies include physical infrastructure related to examination, admission & academic programmes alongwith laboratories equipped with latest instruments and games including recreation facilities. However, we are concerned to examination, evaluation and grading aspects only. The overall results reflected that H2 is better placed in comparison to H1 which was expected being of recent its origin.


Examination, Evaluation, Grade, Students Assessment, Policies, Education, Performance, Outcomes