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Energy Efficient High Throughput MAC Protocol Analysis for Wireless AD Hoc Networks


Humaira Nishat, Shakeel Ahmed, D.Srinivasa Rao


Vol. 10  No. 6  pp. 258-263


Wireless ad hoc networks are battery powered and in wireless networks that use centralized transmission scheduling, reducing transmission power normally leads to higher network transport throughput. Using short links (i.e., if a long link is broken into several short links then the sum of the transmission floors reserved by the short links is comparable to the floor reserved by the long link.) does not necessarily lead to higher transport throughput. Also, the RTS/CTS based MAC rate control can provide improvement in transport throughput only by a factor of two. In this paper we present some distributed MAC protocols that use physical carrier sensing i.e., busy tone as the control signal and a high throughput MAC protocol which allows concurrent transmission while allowing the network to have a simple design with single channel, single transceiver and single transmission power architecture.


Wireless ad hoc networks, IEEE 802.11, throughput, MAC protocol