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Comparative Study OF Media Streaming Protocols over Wireless IP Network


Al-Samarraie Hosam, Talal Jameel, Hussein Qasim, Merza Abbas


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 32-42


The growth of mobility networking has made a popular research topic. Several academic researches evaluate protocols and its performance by assuming varying degrees of mobility within a bounded space, nodes within a few hops, and nodes sending data at a constant rate. The IP network moves independently in any direction while the user moves by changing its links to other devices frequently. Meanwhile UDP and TFRC are commonly used for streaming audio and video such as (Windows Media audio, Real Player, and so on). Both protocols offer a transfer speed for the media files over IP network. Different issues have been reported during the packets transfer over wireless IP network, which indicated that there is no form of flow control or error correction of these packets. This is the main reason why streaming media is not high quality. Hence, this study aimed to investigate the performance of UDP and TFRC over wireless IP networking. Network simulator was employed in this study for measuring the packet loss, packet delay, and jitter. The result indicated that TFRC protocol is recommended in transferring packets, while UDP has disadvantage in transferring packets through home agent to connecting Mobile Hosts.


Mobile-IP network, TFRC, UDP, NS, IP network, Jitter, Throughput, Computing flow