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Simulating AODV and DSDV For Adynamic Wireless Sensor Networks


Fasee Ullah, Muhammad Amin, Hamid ul Ghaffar


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 219-223


Sensor networks help find ways where schematic networks that is where wired media won’t exist or won’t work. Sensor Networks are de facto Standards for communication over distances depending up on the need and requirements. The anticipated outcome that is intended of sensor networks embodies monitoring and evaluation. In this paper we acquaint the execution evaluation of two routing protocols i.e. AODV and DSDV in the context of sensor networks with an assumption that all the node are static. Such a case demonstrates its implication in the fields similar to combat. Where the node may or may not locomote. As an example case, sensor nodes put-upon for land mines detection remain static. The protocols simulation is performed utilizing NS2. The results brought forth understandably distinguish the performance issues of both the routing protocols in the discourse addressed.


Sensor Networks, Routing Protocols, NS2