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3 L.O.S.S.- Hard To Have Chernobyl


Pradeep Rai, Shubha Singh


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 224-228


Organizations which are fully computerized and also are linked to outer world through common communication channels are prone to hacker’s attack. Hackers search for vulnerabilities through different techniques such as operating system fingerprinting, stealth scanning etc. And then he or she starts exploiting the same vulnerabilities. Hackers can do the same because the servers have the single operating system for controlling all the functionalities and hardware of the machine. In this paper we are introducing a three layered system for controlling the hardware and functionalities of the servers so that exploiting the vulnerabilities, will become tougher. In this technique we are separating mother board of the server into 3 different layers having their own controlling systems and processors. And the data and the applications are separated in different layers as per there usage and confidentiality. These layers can only interact adjacently. And themiddle layer is the verification layers called Storewel layer.


Server Security, Layered Systems, Operating System, Storewel Layer