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Development and Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks for Intrusion Detection in Computer Network


S. Saravanakumar, Umamaheshwari, D.Jayalakshmi, R.Sugumar


Vol. 10  No. 7  pp. 271-275


The current network is complicated due to the high throughput and the multi-uniformity of actions. An intrusion detection system is a critical component for secure information management. Network Intrusion Detection Systems, which are part of the layered defense scheme, must be able to meet these organizational objectives in order to be effective. This work presents the investigations carried out on different neural network structures using a number of algorithms for intrusion detection. New algorithms have been presented which have faster convergence and better performance in Intrusion Detection System (IDS). The objective of this paper is to implement a new combination of artificial neural network algorithm which would be efficient in detecting intrusion in a networked environment. The performances of different methods have been compared.


pattern, network, intrusion detection, ANN, Malicious, Denial of Service