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Research on Illumination of Historical Buildings by the Color Temperature


Ming Zhang, Yoshio Nakashima, Mamoru Takamatsu


Vol. 10  No. 8  pp. 27-33


In Japan of recent years, for many historical buildings represented by shrines, temples, and castles, extensive efforts are devoted to the creation of new appeal and the staging of fantasy using the technique of light-up. Unlike common urban constructions, historical buildings have unique structure as well as special meaning in reflecting the ages of construction. High expectations are placed on the design of landscape illumination that stage the features of buildings, and integrates various factors such as beauty, familiarity, the warmth of environment, etc. From the above viewpoints, this study chose 22 sites of historical buildings, selected typical four levels of color temperature models, applied SD impression evaluation, conducted factor analysis, and examined the color temperature of illumination light source most suitable for these historical buildings.


Historical buildings, Image processing, Color temperature, Image evaluation, Factor analysis