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Hands-Free Searching Using Google Voice


Hamzeh Al_bool, Maytham Ali, Hamdi Ibrahim, Adib M.Monzer Habbal


Vol. 10  No. 8  pp. 47-53


Google is one of the most popular information retrieval systems which it has a fast increasing in the number of users. It can provide a foundation for improving the learning and teaching environments. However, not all potential users have the capabilities that allow them to use Google without impediments. This is specifically true for motor-disabled users. Therefore, for this category of users a special approach of interaction with Google interface is necessary. The missing capabilities of this category of users should be substituted by capabilities that these users have in order to deal with Goggle. This study entails the development of Hands-Free voice recognition Google Search Engine to allow physically disabled the opportunity to operate a Google and browse the result of search without using a keyboard or mouse. The implementation is carried out with Java programming language and the result of usability testing shows that 93% of the participants found the system usable.


Voice Recognition, motor-disabled users, Google, Java Programming Language