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Secure Communication Using Two Party Authenticated Quantum key Distribution Protocols


S.Venkatramulu, S.Veena


Vol. 10  No. 8  pp. 233-238


This work presents quantum key distribution protocols (QKDPs) to safeguard security in large networks, efficiency is improved as the proposed protocols contain the fewest number of communication rounds and two parties can share and use a long-term secret Key. Quantum cryptography is basically based on a trusted channel in communication between two parties compared to classical channel. Recently, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) has become more secure transmission method used to transmit secret key between two legitimate parties. This paper discusses the implementation of (QKD) protocol with the existence of an eavesdropper. The implementation simulates the communication of two parties who wish to share a secret key with the existing of eavesdropper. The existing of eavesdropper is simulated with two kinds of attacks, which is used as parameter to measure the length of final key agreed by both authenticated parties at the end of the communication.


simulate attacks, provable security, Quantum cryptography, two-party key distribution protocol, provable security