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Multipath Routing with Load Balancing and QoS in Ad hoc Network


Mohamed Tekaya, Nabil Tabbane, Sami Tabbane


Vol. 10  No. 8  pp. 280-286


Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) are wireless networks consisting of a collection of mobile nodes with no fixed infrastructure. Due to their decentralized, self-configuring and dynamic nature, MANETs offer many advantages and are easy to install. But many modern network applications, such as transmission of multimedia data require QoS which has raised a number of challenging technical issues for routing. To support multimedia applications, it is necessary for MANETs to have an efficient routing and QoS requirements. However, the rapid growth in number and diversity of real-time network applications has made it imperative to consider the impact of end-to-end delay requirements of traffic on network. In this article, by coupling a multipath routing protocol with load balancing mechanism according to some QoS, we present a new protocol called QLB-AOMDV (QoS and Load Balancing-AOMDV), a solution to achieve better load balancing with respect to the end-to-end QoS requirement. The simulation’s result shows the significant performance improvement of the network for the multipath routing protocol with load balancing and QoS. The proposed solution QLB-AOMDV works better than other protocols in terms of delay, capacity and load balance.


Ad hoc network, multipath routing protocol, load balancing, QoS, AODV, DSR, MSR, AOMDV, QLB-AOMDV