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Performance Analysis of Modern Handoff Techniques Provide QoS in Mobile Networks


Selvan.C, R.Shanmugalakshmi


Vol. 10  No. 8  pp. 287-293


Modern Wireless Mobile Network offers higher data rate, Quality of Service (QoS) and ability to roam across multiple heterogeneous wireless networks several issues to be considered for further research and development. A handoff technique is the one of the several issues in Modern wireless mobile networks. An analytic model has been previously developed for evaluating the performance of handoff algorithms based on (i) Relative Signal Strength(RSS) measurements, i.e., the difference of signal strength from two Base Stations (BSs) (ii) Absolute Signal Strength(ASS) which is the averaged value of the received signal level from current serving BS measured by the mobile unit. In this paper we have extended this analysis by including an additional criterion based on the speed of the Mobile Node (MN) which reduces handoff latency in Mobile Networks. Better Base Station has been identified by using Better Base Station Selection Protocol (BBSSP). Based on the estimated round trip time, handoff signaling delay has been calculated. The information obtained from above and using speed of the MN, handoff is initiated in prior to support seamless communication. The model is compared with Double threshold points, BBSSP, IA and IA with BBSSP. The simulation results are sufficiently accurate by comparison studies of simulation.


Handoff, Mobility Management, Better Base Station Selection Protocol, Modern Mobile Networks, Intelligent Agent