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Architecting Digital Signature/ PKI based Secure Web Based Systems Through 3-D Probabilistic Software Stability Model (PSSM)


Eugene Xavier. P., Naganathan.E.R.


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 5-11


With advancements in the design of Software Systems, it has become necessary to think in terms of providing security to Software Systems using advanced security standards and protocols. There are advanced and widely accepted techniques used in securing web based banking software systems such as Public Key Cryptosystem (PKI), digital signatures etc. While designing such high-secure banking web applications, the methods of ascertaining and ensuring stability of such systems have always been quite challenging. We have applied the concept of 3-D Probabilistic Software Stability Model (PSSM), essentially by defining the Enduring Business Themes (EBTs), Business Objects (BOs) and Industrial Objects (IOs) to analyze the stability of the PKI/ Digital Signature based Banking (web) applications. Due to the instability of Web based Systems produced over a period of time unlike other systems, it has become essential to research upon and ascertain the stability of Web based Systems. Though theoretically there is no deterioration expected for a software product, it does owing to changes in software which involves re-engineering of the changed code. The re-engineering of the software product is not essential for small changes that would have been made in the code of the software modules. We have taken into consideration the various aspects such as analysis, design, development and tried to analyse the design aspects of Secure Web Based Systems making use of the Probabilistic Software Stability Model (PSSM). Identifying the design pattern for a domain using Probabilistic Software Stability Model (PSSM) helps one make apply the design pattern for a different application/problem in the same domain. This has been demonstrated through the design pattern arrived at for PKI/DS based E-Banking Systems (EBS). This research work essentially integrates Secure Web based systems development with Software Stability Theory that will provide lot more stabilization of the Secure Web based Systems.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Digital Signature(DS), Access Control System (ACS), Enduring Business Theme (EBT), Business Objects, Industrial Object (IO), Authentication, Authorization, Security Control Elements (SCE), Function Points (FP)