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Online Identity Theft and Its Prevention Using Threshold Cryptography


Syedur Rahman, A. M. Ahsan Feroz, Kamruzzaman, Azimuddin Khan


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 18-25


The increase in online activities and e-commerce requires user’s identification information which leads to certain identity theft have becomes a widespread computer security issue. Identity theft is a term used to refer to a fraudulent activity that involves stealing money or getting benefits by pretending to be someone else. It is the misuse of personal information and identity. This paper incorporated current research on identity theft attacks and prevention techniques to find a solution to ensure higher security in encrypting finger prints in the identification card. This paper discusses about identity thefts and methods of identity theft prevention in computing and networked environments. It focuses on use of biometrics in identity authentication mainly fingerprints. Using Threshold Cryptography, the efficiency of encryption of fingerprints was researched here.


Cryptography, Threshold Cryptography, Identity Theft