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A Modified Spectral Modeling Synthesis Algorithm for Whale Sound


Pranab Kumar Dhar, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Kaushik Deb, Jong-Myon Kim


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 34-41


Spectral modeling synthesis (SMS) is a powerful tool for musical sound modeling. This technique considers a sound as a combination of a deterministic plus a stochastic component that makes possible for a synthesized sound to attain all the perceptual characteristics of the original sound. In this paper, we propose a modified SMS which includes a new transformation technique to synthesize the deterministic component of the whale sound from a base sound. This transformation process utilizes the synthesis parameter set (magnitude, frequency, and phase of each sinusoid) of base sound and the difference parameter set which is calculated by subtracting the base sound parameter set from the desired sound parameter set to synthesize the target sound. In addition, this transformation technique reduces the data size of the parameter set. Analysis and simulation results indicate that the proposed SMS well synthesized whale sound which is similar to original one in both time and frequency domain.


Spectral modeling synthesis, whale sound, short time Fourier transform