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Wave Atoms Decomposition Based Fingerprint Image Compression


J.Ashok, T.V.Shailaja, Satya P Kumar Somayajula


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 57-61


In spite of rapid progress in mass storage density, processor speeds, demand for image compression, data storage capacity and data-transmission bandwidth continues to excel the capabilities of the available technologies. Image compression primarily aims at reducing size and space for storing the image data. Modern fingerprint image compression and reconstruction procedures used by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are based upon the popular 9/7 discrete wavelet transform. In this paper we have devised a new technique for fingerprint image compression based on wave atoms decomposition. Wave atoms decomposition has been designed for augmentation representation of oscillatory patterns to convey temporal and spatial information. In this paper we considered linear vector quantization of decomposed wave atoms representation of fingerprint images. Subsequently quantized information is encoded with arithmetic entropy scheme. The proposed method produced better performs than FBI fingerprint image compression technique and the wavelet scalar quantization (WSQ).


Image compression, fingerprint images, wave atoms decomposition, discrete wave atoms