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A Study on the MOST150/Ethernet Gateway of In-Vehicle Network


Jong-Wook Jang, Chang-Young Kim, Yun-Sik Yu


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 62-65


As demands increase for the Infotainment System, the Multimedia Networking technology for automobile, called MOST(Media Oriented Systems Transport), has been actively applied to the automobile industry, to meet the demands of the Infotainment System. The MOST25 network technology is being restrictively equipped with some of the car models but the problems with bandwidth and compatibility has arisen. In order to solve this, the MOST150 technology has been developed and further research is being carried out to apply the technology to the automobile industry. Thus, for the effective process of the Ethernet traffic in the realization of MOST150/Ethernet Gateway for automobile, we, in the research, shall analyse the QoS Management Mapping method, including the MOST150’s Isochronous channel, the MOST Ethernet Packet Channel, and etc. and study the efficient algorithm.


Vehicle Network, MOST, Gateway, QoS Algorithms, Ethernet, IntServ, DiffServ, OPNET