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Scalable Dynamic Key Based Group Key Management System


S.Santhi, M.Aramudhan, A.Shanmugasundaram


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 106-110


Multicasting is increasingly used as an efficient communication mechanism for group oriented applications in the internet. It raises a key management problem when data encryption is desired. An efficient key management solution for distributing and changing keys is in great demand for access control of information. In this paper an efficient scalable dynamic key based group key management (SDKGKM) is proposed. SDKGKM has the following advantages. First, it addresses single point failure by introducing panels of controllers. Second, SDKGKM supports scalability by providing subgroup controller panels. Third, it overcomes the drawback of sharing long term secrets by using dynamic keys. Fourth, SDKGKM minimizes the number of keys generated during key generation process and rekeying operation. Fifth, it minimizes the bandwidth cost by adopting an efficient rekeying strategy. A formal analysis of this work is done in this paper. The prototype implementation of this work is done using the java programming language.


Group key management, scalability, dynamic key