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A Study on In-Vehicle Diagnosis System using OBD-Ⅱ with Navigation


Mi-JinKim, Jong-Wook Jang, Yun-Sik Yu


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 136-140


The vehicle navigation system is a representative driver support system that is available for the present path search and guiding functions. Its usability has been increasing. Under the present competitive situation because of the expanding navigation market to meet the customers’ needs with regard to new services, differentiated services are dramatically increasing. In addition, the dashboard indicates the statuses of many of the vehicle’s functions, all of which the driver must be aware of. It is not easy, however, to detect the abnormal parts of a vehicle, and there may be no device that will issue a warning of such to the driver. Therefore, it is difficult to prevent vehicular accidents because vehicles cannot immediately deal with their various abnormal functions while on the road. In this paper, a vehicle diagnosis program within the navigation system that can manage and diagnose different kinds of vehicle malfunction is proposed. This program conforms to the OBD-II standard and can thus transmit diagnosis data from the ECU to the navigation system using the Bluetooth wireless communication protocol. Thus, this program provides enhanced services to the customers as well as multimedia and geometry information services.


Vehicle Diagnosis, Bluetooth, Navigation, OBD-Ⅱ, CAN