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MUVES: A Virtual Environment System for Medical Case Based Learning


Samir M. Abd El-razek, Waeil Fathi Abd El-wahd, Hazem EL-bakri


Vol. 10  No. 9  pp. 159-163


Virtual simulations of patients have been an increasingly important complement of medical learning. Virtual patients are interactive computer systems that simulate real life clinical scenarios, which provide an effective way for medicine teachers and students to not only learn clinical topics, but also to practice in a virtual and safe environment. This paper presents the design and results of MUVES, a virtual environment for medical e-learning in medicine college of Mansoura. The system is logically designed to simulate case-based learning methodology, and technically designed upon MedBiquitous specifications for virtual patient. In this paper we present the concept of case-based learning and the need for virtual environment to support this methodology of learning. Then we introduced the current researches of virtual patients and MedBiquitous specifications which became a major standard for building virtual patients. Finally we presented an overview of workflow, data structure, and functional modules of MUVES.


Virtual Environment, Virtual Patient, Case Based Learning, Medical E-Learning