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FSIS Security in e-Governance


Anil Rajput, Manmohan Singh, Meghna Dubey, Nidhi Chandel


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 1-6


When used for personal identification, E-Governance measure and analyze human physiological and behavioral characteristics. Identifying a person’s physiological characteristics is based on direct measurement of a part of the body signature s, speech, face and irises. E-Governance the corresponding technologies are fingertips, speech face and irises. Identifying behavioral characteristics is based on data derived from actions, such as speech and signature, the corresponding E-Governance being speaker recognition and signature recognition. Unlike conventional identification methods that use something you have, such as an identification card to gain access to a building, or something you know, such as a password to log on to a computer system, these characteristics are integral to something you are.


E-governess, AI, data mining, iris, cryptography and parallel