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A Proposed Architecture of Cloud Computing for Education System in Bangladesh and the Impact on Current Education System


Shahid Al Noor, Golam Mustafa, Shaiful Alam Chowdhury, Zakir Hossain, Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 7-18


In this modern era the developing countries will be remain mired in poverty unless they preoccupy more on widening the technology and innovation to everywhere throughout the country including urban to small rural areas. The essence of Computer is now swelling in such an extent that we can not think a single moment without Computer everyone residing in a country now needs to be proficient in different aspects of Computer system and enlightens themselves with the innovative research works that will thrive their daily life style. However although the Computer Education is now indispensable for people of every stratification but due to the poor economic condition many countries are unable to introduce their inhabitants with rich technologies and innovation developed by computer system. Consequently a shared based system evokes for uniform distribution of resources between people of every stratum. In this research work we are introducing an architecture of Cloud Computing for education sector and discuss the impact of our propose architecture on the availability of widespread resources to all around the country. We are presenting here a comparative analysis of our proposed architecture with the existing one to demonstrate the advantages of the proffered architecture over the current one.


Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture for Education, Benefits of Cloud Computing, Impact of Cloud on Education