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A strategy framework for the risk assessment and mitigation for large e-Government projects


Ali M. Al-Khouri, Naser M. Al-Mazrouei


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 34-39


Globally, e-Government has become an effective tool for civic transformation. In the recent years, e-Government development gained significant momentum despite the financial crisis that crippled the world economy. For most of the governments, the crisis was a wakeup call to become more transparent and efficient. In addition, there is a growing demand for governments to transform from traditional agency/department centric approach to “Citizen-Centric” approach. This transformation is expected to enhance the quality of life of citizens in terms of greater convenience in availing government services. Eventually this would result in higher levels of citizen satisfaction and improved trust in government. However, projects of such scale and complexity, faces numerous roadblocks which eventually hamper its potential to deliver the intended benefits to the citizens. The success of these programmes calls for strategic direction, policy making and greater coordination among multiple agencies, following a uniform approach in achieving the vision. This necessitates a strategic framework comprehensive enough to visualize and enable the leaders in addressing the potential roadblocks or resistance. This report presents the outcome of a research to define a strategic framework that models the opposing and propelling forces dormant during a project time. This would help the strategic decision makers to visualize each project as a whole and take quick decisions in the areas that need additional thrust, to ensure that the initiatives achieve the envisaged goals.


e-government, risk assessment, TRANSFORM strategy