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Neural fuzzy For Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor


Ratna Ika Putri, Mila fauziyah, Agus Setiawan


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 91-96


Despite their popularity in industries, three phase induction motors have been known to lack the ability to maintain a constant speed upon a load change. This is due mainly to their non-linear characteristic properties especially their on-rotor resistance whose value varies with operating condition. A controller is therefore needed to achieve the constant speed of the induction motor and to improve their performance upon load change. Neural fuzzy can be used as controller for non linier system where parameter variation and structure of plant have big uncertainty as does at induction motor. The aim of this paper is design neural fuzzy controller for induction motor speed control so can maintain speed according to reference speed although upon load change using MATLAB/SIMULINK. In particular, the simulation of neural fuzzy will be discussed to show how the constant speed can be achieved upon load changes.


Neural Fuzzy, induction motor, controller, load change