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Parallel Reduct and Its Properties in the Object-Oriented Rough Set Models


M.Srivenkatesh, P.V.G.D.Prasadreddy Y.srinivas


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 116-125


This Paper deals with a new type of reduct in the object-oriented rough set models which is called parallel reduct. In the object?oriented rough set models, objects are treated as instances of classes, and illustrate structural hierarchies among objects based on is-a relationship and has-a relationship. In this paper, we give two definitions of parallel reducts and introduce its properties in the object-oriented rough set models. Moreover, we present algorithms to get parallel reduct and core of parallel reduct in the object-oriented rough set model.


Rough Set, Dynamic Reduct, Core, Indiscernibility Relations, Discernibility Matrices, Parallel Reduct