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A Framework of ‘Enabling Security Systems’ for Organizations


Saleh Al-Zharani, Pit.Pichappan


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 126-132


Increasing information security threads lead the Information Technology Systems to the strategic level. The organizations' information systems need to be protected from many possible attacks such as computer viruses, trojans, worms, and other debilitating networked-based attacks. Consequently, it is imperative that technologies be examined and adopted from an Enterprise-wide perspective, and that priority is given to technologies that facilitate System-wide improvements. Our survey has provided an opportunity to review and reflect on broader infrastructure requirements to ensure system security. Security systems can operate at different levels, and every effort needs to be made to ensure that security issues never compromise. In particular, for a system to be made operational under the best possible circumstances, the initial launch of a system must conform to strict quality assurance guidelines. These same guidelines will provide the basis for assessing the systems state at the time of change and can also be referenced to assess future performance. A deployment assurance procedure must be introduced to ensure optimal performance of operating systems. This will involve both initial testing as well as ongoing operational procedures. In order to ensure a comprehensive information security policy, we have surveyed the existing security system by using the following variables. They are Unit testing, Functional/System testing, Environment testing, Data conversion testing, Actuarial certification testing, User acceptance testing, Volume/Stress testing and Version upgrade testing. The use of the above variables ensures an improved security for organizations. The results of the study are discussed in this work.


Enabling Security Systems, Organizations, Framwork