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The Optimal Selection through Allocating Values to Boolean Expressions in Tabulation Method


H. B. Bahar


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 150-157


For achieving the ideal size or the time spent for the data processing, the smallest circuits are motivations for the researchers. In the optimization of logical functions, the presented methods have not been benefited from the principal modeling. For this purpose, the optimization of the logical function has been accomplished through representing an appropriate model from the method of the linear modeling. Firstly, the optimization operations has been performed through studying the limitations and considering the coefficients in the linear model. Giving an applied example, the manner of using the represented view has been studied. The optimization method has been conducted with a particular method, which can in turn be regarded as a new work. The represented method can be an ideal option for the optimal selections in optimizing the logical circuits. At first optimizational operations, extracting a mathematical model and working on it, is necessary. There are some mathematical models for the optimizational purposes, however the represented approaches are complicated to some extent, and it is time-consuming to work with them in large scales. In the present research work, some special states have been suggested which is relatively simple and innovative method.


Optimization, Linear modeling, Logical functions, Selection weight, optimal selections