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Design and Implementation of WiMAX MAC Layer


Md. Sipon Miah, M. Mahbubur Rahman, Tapan Kumar Godder, Bikash Chandra Singh


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 170-175


In the last few years, the telecommunication industries development has focused on an intensive use of broadband systems, which are characterized by high quality features. For this issue, new technologies with high transmission abilities have been designed. The broadband wireless access has become the best way to meet escalating business demand for rapid internet connection and integrated triple play services. In addition to not only topographic but also technological limitations, wireless solution alternatives have been found. That is the very base of the WiMAX concept a wireless transmission infrastructure that allows a fast deployment as well as low maintenance costs.A technology developed to fulfill these characteristics, standardized by IEEE, is 802.16, also referred to as WiMAX. This architecture aims to apply high data rates, quality of services, long range and low deployment costs to a wireless access technology on a metropolitan scale. The technology and architecture of WiMAX is the focus of the thesis paper, and more specifically its mobility capabilities. The thesis investigates the handover and internetworking capabilities of WiMAX and then implements selected MAC-layer functionality in the GloMoSim network simulator. Through simulation attempts are made to identify MAC-parameters affecting performance during handovers.Results indicate that the study needs to be extended to cover upper layer protocols and procedures. At the MAC-layer the most deciding factors are predicted to be procedures executed in preparation for handover, rather than the specific handover process.