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Improving Efficiency and Quality of Service Control ds(IEQOSC) in MPEG-4 Adaptive Video Streaming


B.Shaji, A.Vimala Juliet, P.R.Jasmine Jeni


Vol. 10  No. 10  pp. 206-210


Mobile video surveillance represents a new paradigm that encompasses, on the one side, ubiquitous video acquisition and, on the other side, ubiquitous video processing and viewing, addressing both computer-based and human-based surveillance. There are many parameters that affect video quality but their combined effect is not well identified and Understood when video is transmitted over mobile/ wireless networks. In addition, video content has an impact on video quality under same network conditions. The main aim of this paper is the prediction of video quality combining the application and network level parameters for all content types. Firstly, video sequences are classified into groups Representing different content types using cluster analysis. The classification of contents is based on the temporal (movement) and spatial (edges, brightness) feature extraction. Second, to study and analyze the behavior of video quality for wide range variations of a set of selected parameters. We use a daily video request model and a video popularity model to determine the adaptive streaming speed and dynamic patching window. Numerical results show that, when the available network bandwidth is reduced below the required level due to background traffic, the efficient algorithms can considerably reduce the average user waiting time and the number of waiting requests. The video itself is streamed on top of the Real-time Protocol (RTP) and the parameters are negotiated with the Real-time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) before the streaming commences. The research problem of this is to provide easy solution for QoS measurements in networks that are closed nature.


Quality of service Control, QOSC, NS2, MPEG video, video adaptation, error correction