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Analytical noise modeling for shielding to reduce crosstalk noise in on-chip interconnects


P.V.Hunagund, A.B.Kalpana


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 19-23


As VLSI technologies scale down, interconnect performance is greatly affected by crosstalk noise due to the decreasing wire separation and increased wire aspect ratio, and crosstalk has become a major bottleneck for design closure. To reduce crosstalk effect several techniques like driver sizing, near driver and receiver coupling, wire spacing and shielding. Shielding is one of the effective techniques to reduce this effect. This paper presents an efficient analytical model to find peak noise for shielded interconnects. It also shows the percentage of error for without shielding. These models can be implemented in VLSI EDA tool for effective analysis of crosstalk.


Analytical, Aspect ratio, Crosstalk, Shielding