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Derivation of an ISO-Compliant e-Catalog from Paper Catalogs


Saburo Tanatsugu, Mamoru Kawanobe, Hiroshi Ninomiya, Isao Shirakawa


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 34-44


This paper devises a procedure of deriving an ISO-compliant multi-supplier e-catalog from existing paper catalogs dedicatedly for a mechanical component of ’gears’. The procedure consists of (1) compiling a dictionary conforming to ISO13584, i.e. a PLib dictionary, and (2) generating an e-catalog by means of PLib dictionary elements. This method is distinctive in that (a) a PLib dictionary is built starting from several existing paper catalogs, (b) two mapping schemes, one for EXPRESS specification and the other for STEP physical file, are automatized, and (c) the architecture can be applied to other mechanical components, for which the PLib catalog generation has not yet been attempted.


Automatic compilation, Gears, ISO-compliant e-catalog, Parts Library (PLib) dictionary