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QSRED, An Algorithm To Solve The Mismatch Between The Microscopic and Macroscopic Behavior of RED Gateways


Nabhan Hamadneh, David Murray, Michael Dixon, Peter Cole


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 63-70


Network congestion is a phenomenon caused by the extreme demand of restricted network resources. Various congestion control strategies have been proposed to increase network performance. This study suggests that there is a mismatch between the microscopic and macroscopic behavior in (Random Early Detection) RED’s queue management mechanism. This work investigates this problem and propose QSRED (Queue Sectors RED) to avoid unsatisfactory performance. QSRED is simulated against RED and ERED (Effective RED) by measuring: throughput, link utilization, packets loss and average delay using the NS2 simulator. The results suggest that Queue Sectors RED (QSRED) helps RED overcome the mismatch between microscopic and macroscopic behavior of queue length dynamics.


TCP , Congestion, RED, AQM, QSRED