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Time Dependent Resource Reservation Scheme for Cellular Network


Nazmul Hasan, S. M Didar-Al- Alam


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 71-79


Cellular network offers services with diverse quality-of-service supports users to access telephony, paging, instant messaging, and trivial web browsing, video conferencing, voice chat on the same single device. The Portability of communication devices and channel imperfection makes the service offerings much more challenging with limited resources. Resource reuse factor is used in different cluster for efficiently manage the resources. However resource reservation plays a very important role in cellular communication in terms of availability of services as for managing the handoff. There are various schemes present to manage the resources in an efficient way. In this paper, we have tried to analysis several resource management schemes and their drawbacks. We have proposed a time dependent resource reservation scheme which has significant advantages over other schemes.


Mobility Management, handoff, Call Admission Control (CAC), Call dropping probability (CDP), Call Blocking Probability (CBP), Cell Visiting Probability (CVP)