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Impact of Information Communication Technology on Open Learning in India


Iti Tiwari, Tripti Gautam Tiwari


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 80-85


The establishment of Open Universities was essential to provide education to those who are not able to get admission in the formal system of education. In India being most populous country. The establishing of Open Universities started in the beginning of 1970s in one of the Province followed by Indira Gandhi National Open University established by Govt. of India. At present most of the Provinces have Open Universities with full support by local Governments. With advent of Information Communication Technology, the delivery of education at far places has been quite simple subject to availability of required infrastructure which is lacking in some parts of rural sector of India. The present study has conducted the impact of Information Communication Technology being used in Open Universities of northern part of India. The age group of respondents varied from 8 to more than 30 years and their living conditions, parental income, family support, interest in open learning, objectives of life and other similar parameters have been taken into account to arrange the meaningful impact of ICT in such system of education. It has been observed that the uses of various tools of ICT have not been fully exploited to facilitate the education through open mode. This is because of lack of adequate infrastructural facilities at both delivery and receiving ends. With the active steps taken by Govt. of India through National Mission on Education through ICT it is expected that in a decade the impact of ICT will be quite feasible and user sector will be beneficial in receiving the education in a meaningful manner.


ICT, Distance Education, Open Learning, Rural and Urban Sectors, Human Resource Management