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New Localized Call Admission Control Algorithms in Communication Networks with Quality of Service Constraints


Abdulbaset H. Mohammad


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 125-131


Localized Quality of Service (QoS) routing has been recently proposed for supporting the requirements of multimedia applications and satisfying QoS constraints. Localized algorithms avoid the problems associated with the maintenance of global network state by using statistics of flow blocking probabilities. Using local information for routing avoids the overheads of global information with other nodes. However, the localized QoS routing algorithms were only path selection routing algorithms and this leads to them accepting every incoming flow that can be physically accommodated. This paper introduces call admission control algorithms with localized QoS routing in order to maximize the connections that network accepts and improve the network resource utilization. Simulations of various network topologies are used to illustrate the performance of the algorithms. We compare the performance of the algorithms against the Credit Based Routing (CBR) algorithm under various ranges of traffic loads.


Localized QoS routing algorithms, Call admission control algorithms, Performance Evaluation