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An Image Based Authentication System- Using Needham Schroeder Protocol


Raman Kumar, Asmita Puri, Vivek Gautam, Saumya Singla


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 135-140


With the upcoming technologies available for hacking text based passwords, there is a need to provide users with a secure environment that protect their resources against unauthorized access by enforcing control mechanisms. To counteract the increasing threat, Image Based Authentication (IBA) has been introduced. Apart from being more secure than usual text based passwords, IBA has proved to be an asset as it is user friendly. IBA generally encapsulates the Needham Schroeder Protocol (NSP) and provides client a completely unique and secured authentication tool to work on. This paper however proposes a hypothesis regarding the use of Needham Schroeder Protocol and is a comprehensive study on the subject of using images as the password set. This forms the basis for a secure communication between the communicating entities. The assortment of image set as client’s password set aims at thwarting reply attacks. The paper also evaluates the performance of this method in terms of its efficiency and time taken. Password authentication protocols are important mean of user authentication on network. Several password authentication protocols have been introduced each claiming to withstand to the several attacks, including replay, password file compromise, denial of service, etc. Then, we present an improvement to the Needham-Schroeder Protocol, in order to remove two possible attacks. Therefore, the proposed scheme is secure and efficient against notorious conspiracy attacks.


Image Based Authentication (IBA), Needham Schroeder Protocol (NSP), Protocol, Attacks, Shoulder Attack, Tempest Attack, Brute Force Attack, Replay Attack and Other Attacks