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Efficient Key Management Scheme for Secure Multicast in MANET


J. Lakshmanaperumal, K.Thanushkodi, N.M.Saravana kumar, K.Saravanan, D.Vigneshwaran, T.Purusothaman


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 157-164


Secure Multicasting (SM) is a popular communication approach in which secure transmission of information takes place from one source to many receivers. The nature of military applications necessitates the use of security features such as confidentiality, source/group authentication etc. Further the mobile ad hoc network (MANET) used in the military applications require these protocols to be implemented in an energy efficient way. In this paper, an efficient way of multicasting a secure data to a group using a hybrid key management scheme is discussed and from the results it is observed that the storage complexity, communication complexity and computation complexity are very much comparable with the existing method.


Boolean Minimization method, Huffman coding, Hybrid key management scheme, Communication Complexity, Computation Complexity