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A Survey on Multimedia Data Mining and Its Relevance Today


Manjunath T.N, Ravindra S Hegadi, Ravikumar G K


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 165-170


Over the past decades, data mining has proved to be a successful approach for extracting hidden knowledge from huge collections of structured digital data stored in databases. From the inception, Data mining was done primarily on numerical set of data. Nowadays as large multimedia data sets such as audio, speech, text, web, image, video and combinations of several types are becoming increasingly available and are almost unstructured or semi-structured data by nature, which makes it difficult for human beings to extract the information without powerful tools. This drives the need to develop data mining techniques that can work on all kinds of data such as documents, images, and signals. This paper explores on survey of the current state of multimedia data mining and knowledge discovery, data mining efforts aimed at multimedia data, current approaches and well known techniques for mining multimedia data.


Data mining, Multimedia Data Mining, Multimedia database, Association, Clustering, Classification