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A Virtualization and Management Architecture for Carrier Ethernet Network


Wonhyuk Lee, Yong-Suk Cho, Hyuncheol Kim


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 171-178


With the establishment of logic network among particular research groups such as high-energy physics and climate, recently, a demand for a kind of private network by group has increased in science technology research network. In response to the current trend, a demand for a management framework on the logic network by group has also increased from the research network NOC perspective in Carrier Ethernet-based science technology research network. This paper has made it possible to express the data (ex: the operating, topology, performance and fault information of science technology research network infrastructure resources) n the specification system which has been designed in accordance with international standards and manage them in an integrate manner. For this, the key information which is necessary for the management has been collected after approaching each L2 logic network node which is consisted of PBB-TE using SNMP. Then, the management framework has been designed to make it possible to save the collected information in the database which has been designed in accordance with international standards and manage the logic network anytime and anywhere through the web. It is expected that network management would become more efficient through a more systematic and specific network if the established logic network management framework is used.


PBB-TE, Logical Network, Carrier Network, Network Management Framework, Network Management Schema