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Relative Reducts and Heuristic Algorithm for Reducts in the Object-Oriented Rough Set Models


M.Srivenkatesh, P.V.G.D.Prasadreddy, Y.srinivas


Vol. 10  No. 11  pp. 194-201


We propose a new reduct in the object-oriented rough set model called relative reduct. In the object?oriented rough set models, objects are treated as instances of classes, and illustrate structural hierarchies among objects based on is-a relationship and has-a relationship[2].We also introduced heuristic-filter base algorithm for finding reducts in the object-oriented rough set model. The reduct finding in the object-oriented rough set models suffer intense computation of discernibility function and positive regions. In order to improve the efficiency, in this paper, we develop a new computation model based on relative class dependency.


Rough Set, Dynamic Reduct, Core, Indiscernibility Relations, Discernibility Matrices