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Copyrights Protection Schema: A Secure PDF Reader


Iman ALMomani


Vol. 10  No. 12  pp. 15-25


Due to the widespread violation of copyrights, especially in electronic materials, which is facilitated by the ease of spread of such materials, it is vital to adopt effective techniques by which copyright's owners control and protect their ideas and possesses. In this paper a new schema is proposed and a system is developed to resolve copyrights' concerns for authors and publishers of electronic materials. Authors and publishers needs are considered carefully in order to protect copyrights for electronic materials according to the interests of authors and publishers in a customized way. Many techniques are used to achieve the security requirements including data encryption techniques and securing the network connection. To illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed schema, a software tool is produced to materialize these ideas. It is designed according to well-structured procedures to reflect the author’s line of thoughts. The tool protects copyrights according to customized privileges specified by the publisher or the author on their publications. Presenting the new schema enforces security requirements, raises awareness of copyrights and sends an ethical wakeup call of the importance of copyrights protection of people's ideas and creativity.


Copyright, Electronic Book, e-book, Portable Document Format, PDF, Security, Authentication, Authorization, Confidentiality