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Overlay Networks: Overview, Applications and Challenges


Jaime Gal?n-Jim?nez, Alfonso Gazo-Cervero


Vol. 10  No. 12  pp. 40-49


In recent years, overlay networks have rapidly evolved and emerged as a promising platform to deploy new applications and services in the Internet, becoming widely used for content delivery and file sharing services. This is because they provide effective and reliable services by creating a virtual topology on top of existing networks. However, new network environments and network services require new management strategies which can cope with resource constraints, scalability, dependability, context awareness, security, mobility, and other issues. This paper presents a survey on several different research topics of applicability of overlay networks. As a conclusion, it is predictable that new requirements of applications and technology improvements will stimulate the evolution of overlay networks; some of these approaches are discussed as well.


Overlay Multicast, Overlay topologies, Content Distribution, P2P, VPN