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Selecting the Best Spanning Tree to Reduce the Interference of a wireless sensor network using Genetic Algorithm


Vahid Haghighatdoost, Maryam Espandar


Vol. 10  No. 12  pp. 87-93


The interference reduction is one of the most important problems in the field of wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor network elements are small mobile receiver and transmitters. The energy of processor and other components of each device is supplied by a small battery with restricted energy. One of the meanings that play an important role in energy consumption is the interference of signals. The interference of messages through a wireless network, results in message failing and transmitter should resend its message, thus the interference directly affect on the energy consumption of transmitter. This paper presents an algorithm which suggests the best spanning tree for the input distribution of the nodes in the plane how the interference of the network aims the minimum value.


Genetic algorithm, interference, sensor network, spanning tree, wireless ad-hoc network