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Rate Controlled Adaptive Resource Coordination Framework for Wireless Aware Multimedia Applications


N. Kumar, Y. D. S. Arya


Vol. 10  No. 12  pp. 99-105


Modern networks provide QoS model to go beyond best-effort services, but current QoS models are oriented towards low level network parameters (e.g. Bandwidth, Latency, and Jitter). Application developers are interested in quality models that are meaningful to the end-user and therefore struggle to bridge the gap between networks and application QoS models. Network-aware applications are promising new concepts, in which the applications are aware of network conditions and thus can adapt to the varying environment to achieve acceptable and predictable performance. In this paper we have proposed a Relaxed Layer Architecture and a protocol framework to satisfy users’ specific QoS need, which implements QoS based adaptive resource management through control algorithms. The framework facilitates QoS provisioning through a semantically rich interface that enables the end users to get the services according their requirements and they are willing to make under potential resource shortages. Simulation results show that the resources are allocated to most of the accepted requests within a short span through negotiation.


QoS, resource management, renegotiation, SLA, Relaxed layer