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Identification of Individuals using Electrocardiogram


P. Sasikala, R.S.D. Wahidabanu


Vol. 10  No. 12  pp. 147-153


Protection anxiety is to be increased as the technology for forgery grows. Reliable personal Identification and prevention of forged identities is one of the major tasks. Currently, Biometrics is being used extensively for the purpose of security measures. Biometric recognition provides strong security by identifying an individual based on the feature vector(s) derived from their physiological and/or behavioral characteristics. It has been proved that the human Electrocardiogram (ECG) shows adequately unique patterns for biometric recognition. Individual can be identified once ECG signature is formulated. This paper presents a systematic Template matching for Identification of individuals from ECG data. This work establishes that ECG signal is a signature like fingerprint, retinal signature for any individual Identification. Samples of individuals from the MIT/BIH database were taken. The matching decisions are evaluated on the basis of correlation coefficient between features. Preliminary experimental results indicate that the system is accurate (99%), robust, error rate is smaller than 0.9 and achieves a good result for Identification process.


Biometric, Electrocardiogram (ECG), QRS complex, Amplitude Features, Template Matching