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Security Situation Awareness and Situation Information Generation based on Spatial Linkage of Physical and IT Security


Hyeonkoo Cho, Jungchan Na


Vol. 11  No. 1  pp. 85-90


In modern business human beings, information, infrastructure and system are organically bound physical and virtual worlds coexist. Threats against information assets involve leakage through mobile storage media or physical break-in by an intruder, or leaking information by hacking, worm, virus and malicious bot in the cyber space. Therefore, the fragmentary technology like the existing physical security or IT security technologies alone cannot prevent the leak of the assets. To protect the information assets in the business environment, the technology of integrating physical space (work space) and the logical space (cyber space) to detect and prevent security violation accidents is needed. The objective of this paper is to propose the approach of mapping the security events with the real objects like the business space and PC in order to organically integrate and analyze the individual security events of the physical space and logical space based on the real spatial data in the business environment and detect the security situation after an event occurs using the real spatial data of the event and create the spatial linked security situation data according to the space-time association analysis of the security events in the space.


Security situation, Situation awareness, Spatial linkage, Convergence security